Busy Bee's Buzz


Like the rest of the world, we at Busy B's are hearing a lot of words that are very unfamiliar to us... "Shelter at Home", "Social Distancing" and "Pandemic" are all very new phrases. At this stage, until the advisories of not gathering in large groups is lifted, Busy Bee's have suspended all events and services. The good news is that when this is all over we will get back to hearing more familiar phrases like Ice Cream, Toppings and Parties.

We would also like to pass on our thanks and best wishes to Neal Gottlieb, the founder and owner of Three Twins Ice Cream. We know how much everybody loved their products (my favorite was Sea Salted Caramel) and we will miss having them in our product range. We will still be offering our same packages, but will no longer be able to provide Three Twins product. We will, however, be able to provide you with the same excellent service.

We look forward to the date in time when we can all get together and celebrate the birthdays, weddings, graduations and other events that we have had to put on hold. 

Feel free to reach out via our contact page and tell us about your possible upcoming events and what it might be that you are considering.

Take care, stay safe and look forward to hearing from you.


Mickey and Craig Ward