Welcome to Busy B's Ice Cream

Welcome to Busy B's Ice CreamWelcome to Busy B's Ice CreamWelcome to Busy B's Ice Cream

New Ice Cream Packages 

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The Buzz

Our Story

Craig and Mickey are a husband and wife team venturing on a new business venture.  They aren't new to being business owners, as they have ran and owned different businesses in Australia, but this is their first time in the good ole USA.  What better way to start than to commit to bringing happiness in the form of ice cream to your next event.  Mickey has over 9 years of event experience including event management, catering and food service and Craig comes from a sales background.  Together they make an wonderful team and bring excellent service to any event.

Where did the name come from, you ask?  Craig and Mickey have 4 children, a daughter and 3 sons and all their names start with the letter B.  After the name was chosen, the logo was created with the 4 children buzzing around the ice cream.

What we Offer

Different packages include either scooped ice cream in bowls with or without toppings or novelty ice cream items such as sandwiches and cones. Guaranteed number of servings start at 50 and all packages come with a 2 hour serving window.

Types of Events

We cater to all events...

Weddings, Corporate Parties, Tenant Appreciations, Rehearsal Dinners, Open House Days, Holiday Parties, Retirement Parties, Birthday Parties, Ice Cream Socials, Customer Appreciation Parties and more!

Our Packages